New face of the war

Hola Amigos,

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It’s difficult to write this report about what happened in the battles at the front, because so much over the course of the battle. We went in this war, to destroy our enemies of Neocron, who had marched upon the Dome. The same enemy, who accused us of the murderer of Reza and published lies upon lies about us. So it came, we met at the gate of Tsunami and held up the Troops of Neocron in the south of Tescom. The battle lasted for hours. More and more troops marched up and sometimes we introduced our advanced “Special Forces” units to hold up the situation. It seemed like the fighting would never end. Continue reading

Interview with Steven Emmerson and William Frost

Last week, Tim Gessler, our VotR Reporter met the two new Dome of York Runners “Steven Emmerson” and “William Frost” , the 2 guys rescued from Neocron for the promised interview.

TG: Good day Steven, William
SE: Good afternoon, Tim
WF: Hello, Tim Continue reading

Definitivo ! The end of the invasion!

I still feel Klara Taitkoma´s Mail in my bones. I took a look 3 times till i recognised , what she asked for : To fight together with Neocron against the invasion, because in her opinion only one city wouldn´t manage it. Afterwards i still ask myself, if this was really the right way, the Dome could have managed it alone. However, a consultation with Hagen Yager assured, that this was only an exception and we would do this only for Klara’s means, to rescue the world. My old rebelheart is still aching at the thought of what we have had to do, but now its behind us and the world was rescued from this Invasion ! Continue reading


No doubt I speak for most of us when I say this is great news. A brutal dictator has been removed and maybe there is yet again hope for the citizens of Neocron to get freed after years of oppression.

Rezas personal clerk “Steven Emmerson” was sought after by the NCPD in connection to Rezas death. Continue reading

Another mission

The last days the spys of the Dome searched for the wanted neocronicle reporter “William Frost” , the friend of Rezas clerk “Steven Emmerson”. We found out, that Neocron really hunted the reporter, the annnouncement of the Neocronicle was a lie, that he would visit an academy or something like this. Continue reading

VotR exposes the truth about Neocron`s Subway of Death

In the last days all runners of the dome were asked at the faction meetings with their Faction Assistant to send in reports concerning the spider plague. This plague is spreading all over the world and there seems to be no end of it. Now following the reports from runners investigating the spiders, collected by Alex Conlaoch: Continue reading